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365 & 52 update for days 51-54

I’m working hard on getting a website set up just for clients!  It will have some great information and all the forms in one place making it easy.

Tomorrow I promise to get some images up on this blog from at least one recent session.  It’s been a while.

1st 365 051-365

This image was taken during a quite moment with Madison in my lap.  The light was all soft coming in the window on a gloomy day.  I love the way it looks like it was taken with a film camera.  Some of my favorite recent pictures have this lovely film look to them.

1st 365 052-365

Project 52 week 2 image – Prompt : Song lyrics interpreted in an image

We sing a lot of songs in our house.  We love to listen to the radio, my Ipod and the kids Ipod.  Each night we sing songs before saying prayers as part of our bed time routine.  Madison always picks Ba Ba Black Sheep, but we also almost always sing Families Can Be Together Forever.  The part I wanted to capture in an image is: I want to spend my life with them through all eternity.  People give us a hard time because we always have our kids with us and pretty much only get a babysitter if we are both working.  We love it this way.  I really want to spend my time with them, and we are enjoying some popcorn as we watched TV here.

1st 365 053-365

Playing in the snow!  It is my little snow lovers favorite thing right now.  This snow didn’t last long, but little girl made the best of the few minutes she had while it was falling.

1st 365 054-365

My sick babies got a real treat today when I let them take a nap in mommy and daddy’s bed.  They rushed to grab their sleeping stuffed animals and jumped into our bed.  A while back we switched our bed from the headboard being between the two windows to a wall perpendicular to the windows.  The side lighting is exactly what I love about the new arrangement.  Only a photographer would make such a change just for better bed shots!

I love it when you share!