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365 Project first days

I’ve started a new project!  It’s called a 365 project.  The purpose is to create an image every day for a year.  Lately, I haven’t taken many personal images and have been in a little bit of a funk while adjusting to our wonderful surprise pregnancy.  After encouraging several people to embark on 365 projects, it just seemed like an obvious solution to my newfound excitement.  Day 1 started with the image of Blake pointing to the new images on the wall.  The theme for my 365 project is inspiration.  Each day I will create an image about inspiration including whatever is currently on my mind, what I see around me and what I hope will inspire me.

Day 2 Inspiration: We were hanging out with our neighbor letting the kids all play together.  I loved the blue on our neighbors old trailer.  Hannah’s blue eyes and outfit were the perfect compliment to the colors.  She followed me over to the trailer and patiently let me boss her around a little to get a few awesome shots.  This one is my favorite!  However, this particular shot screamed that it needed to be in a warm B&W to be right.

girl by old blue trailer

Day 3 Inspiration:  Today was day 3.  We spent a very active day working on our front landscaping.  While working on some personal images this afternoon from May {the last batch to catch me up on personal editing} there were a few cool flower or weed images to process.  I’m in love with flower/nature shots and love using actions and textures to see what cool looks I can create with simple flower shots.  We saw this yellow flowered bush on the side of the road perfectly lit by the sun when we went to get a load of mulch today.

flowers processed with texture and Florabella actions

Have a fantastic Sunday!

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