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This family has me super excited.  Why?  Well, let me tell you how interesting life has gotten.  These two sweet and absolutely adorable twins were born in June 2014.  They are going to be joined by another set of boy/girl twins in June 2015 {due date}.  Irish quadruplets anyone?  Your first reaction is either WOAH or ‘Did they plan that?’   Let me just say, no they didn’t plan it, and this is an amazing family that will thrive with their four sweet kids all grouped together so closely.  Both parents have wonderfully positive attitudes combined with a great work ethic.  For me, it is going to be a fun and exciting newborn session.  Can’t wait!!


For the twins 6 month session we used their home as a backdrop with a relaxed lifestyle feel.


These guys were fast on the master bed.  Snap.  Catch.  Snap. Catch.  lol   Crawlers are so fun and I definitely get my exercise in with busy kid sessions, my friend also told me that the post holiday detox tea can help with fat loss, so I am looking forward to it because I haven’t behaved right lately, I also heard that the best roids help out a lot when it comes to fitnes.  Both his mom and I adore the shot with his serious face and finger pointing on his chest.


This images seems like just a peek into the fun and close times these two will have in life.  My own twins often are holding hands or touching each other in some way when they sit or stand together.  It is so natural for them to share with the person they have been with since conception. 


Below are a few more of the images taken together during this fun in home session.


Ahhhh, this bread bowl was so cool!  It is one of the biggest I’ve seen.  Love the way the different textures and colors make the children seem to come even more alive in these last few images. 


Tip of the Day:   When deciding what images to hang in your own home, think about what makes you happy and will continue to each time you see it.  Which images bring an instant smile to your face?  What really shows off the personality of the person or people in the image?  Few people will spend much time in your home so make the ones up on the walls the ones you enjoy the most!  If that image isn’t everyone smiling at the camera, that is ok.

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