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7 months!

This is such a wonderful shot. Who doesn’t love chubby baby booties and legs?
Burgoon Dec 08 129

And babies in jeans. Well, anyone in jeans in a photograph. There is just so much texture and interest.
Burgoon Dec 08 120

A very classic shot with the lovely new chocolate background.
Burgoon Dec 08 101

Babies are always so interested in exploring different textures and objects. I love the coloring on this one.
Burgoon Dec 08 140

Mom brought this great gigantic lollipop which had an unfortunate drop right outside my house. We were still able to get a few cute shots with it.
Burgoon Dec 08 149

This hat is awesome. I love his look here.
Burgoon Dec 08 160

Ah, blowing zerberts! A task definitely needing little ones full concentration.
Burgoon Dec 08 180

This one is definitely my favorite of this shoot. I love how almost sad he looks here while grabbing mommy’s foot for comfort. You would never know the shot right before and after this one were all smiles. I’m think I might like this even more if it were square instead of rectangular.
Burgoon Dec 08 195

Cute and playful
Burgoon Dec 08 202

All smiles
Burgoon Dec 08 207

I love it when you share!