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  Hi!  I’m the girl with a mad passion for capturing the beauty of real people in my photography.

My photography career started out over 20 years ago as a teenager.  I was particularly inspired by my high school photography teacher, who was battling MS.  The disease left him barely able to capture any images, even with the use of a tripod & remote release.  Instead of giving up or turning sour, he loved sharing with us all of his artistic vision, technical skills and dreams.  It was him that ignited my lifelong passion of pursuing meaningful photography.   What is meaningful to me?  It is the emotions photographs and images inspire in us, sometimes these memories even inspire the remembered feel of a loving caress, a good laugh or the smell of a house.  It is the feelings we get as we look at the beloved faces of our family, friends and ancestors.  It is creating images that will give your future grandkids a real look and feeling for who you are.  Almost everyone wishes they had more photographs of their parents and especially ones of themselves with their parents.  This is who I am as a photographer which is also an integral part of who I am as a person as well.  Our history shapes our future, and our now becomes part of our history.

In my own home, there are family images up in almost every living space.   Our kids love to talk about them, and I love to see those sweet, loving and goofy faces each and every day.

Some quick facts about me:

I am married to a wonderful Aussie named Guy

I have three adorable kids – boy/girl twins Blake & Maddie {7} & a super tall boy Landon {4}

Chips and homemade salsa are my favorite treat

Vacations MUST be scheduled at least 3 times a year

I love to play games with my family and friends, do puzzles and watch disaster movies

I’m on a mission to encourage all moms to get in pictures and love to help them become comfortable in their current skin

When my studio is not in use, it becomes our kids play area.  We build forts, lego villages & cool train configurations.  We try to savor as much of this young childhood as we can with tickle fights and cuddle sessions.  Singing is also something we love to do.  A couple of us are not very good {like me}, but we just do it anyway!

Now that you know a bit about me, I’d love to get to know you.  Please take a look around my website to see if our styles match and contact me with questions and schedule a session.

Shannon White

Lifelong Impressions