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When we’re talking art, getting to know the artist is important!!

After all, it’s the ideas in my head, with your help, that will capture you in images.

For me, life is about working hard, dedication to family, building personal relationships and spending quality time with family and friends in the most authentic way possible.  Sometimes this means buckling down and being serious and at other times gotta let the jokes fly.  People are interesting, and everyone has something really cool about them.  

My kids

Love and discipline go along hand and hand around our house.  We have chores, homework, rules and learning moments.  On the flip side we have morning cuddles, tickle fests, sing alongs, sappy talks and giggles after a crazy kid moment.  

Our boy/girl twins (Blake & Madison) are excited 4th graders who keep a side eye on each other at school as they make their own way.  Blake is fervent about doing things right and is everyones biggest champian, which earns him the favor of kids and adults alike.  Maddie is excited to do anything artsy, while she develops lasting true friendships and quickly reads any book that catches her eye.  Our extra tall 1st grade boy (Landon) is a crazy mix of super smarts and a super silly ball of excess energy wtih a heart of gold.  Landon makes us laugh and laugh with his natural comedic timing.


PicsGirl has been my interenet sign on name forever.   If there wasn't a camera avaialble, it would be unimaginable.  Seriously, a camera has been my constant companion and form of expression since I was 13 years old.   I love capturing the things and people I see.  Plus, photographs have the power to bring back vivid memories that would otherwise be forgotten.  I'm always learning as being a photographer is a journey and there will never be a destination. 

I put my whole heart into photographing my clients.  Their faces become dear with the time I spend learning about them ahead of time, interacting at the session and especially during the editing process, where I spend the most time looking at clients.  There is always that bit of falling in love with my clients.  They often feel like family and great friends.

Aussie Guy

This big Aussie guy has my heart.  He is by no means perfect, but he is perfect for me.  We balance each other and inspire each other to make changes for the better in our lives. He is the organization, the fix it power and the awesome self starter.  

After a long day at work, he'll give away his food to our kids who are begging for bites.  You know, the ones who just ate dinner two hours ago.  This kindness and devotion to family are part of what make him so dreamy in my book.  

We both love to travel and go as often as possible.  Our enthusiasm has definitely given our kids the travel bug too.  When it comes to amusement parks, he does not love roller coasters, but I won't hold that flaw against him.  We're in this life together for all of its ups and downs.  



We LOVE to play games!

Machi Koro is a favorite around here.


Chips and Homemade salsa. YUM!

Is daily ok?!!  lol


I'm on a mission to help moms get in pictures and be comfortable in their current skin.


Blue is my color, especially when paired with grey.


LuLaRoe's Ana dress is my jam.  I may own more then 8.


An empty room is a must in our house.  Let the play happen!


We sing.  Not well, but it is a joyful noise.  Music makes us all happy happy.  


Puzzles must be completed in one sitting.  I have to. This obsession may apply to books too.  Just maybe.


We are growing a giant in our youngest son.  He's expected to be around 6'8" tall.


I love to make people laugh during a session.

Really, anytime.


My husband teases me about my glass half full personality. There is always a bright side.


We went through 5 years of infertility treatments to get pregnant with our miracle twins.  Our baby was a super miracle beating the 3% one cycle a year odds of me getting pregnant.  Miracles happened for us.

As a teen, I was particularly inspired by my high school photography teacher, who was battling MS.  The disease left him barely able to capture any images, even with the use of a tripod & remote release.  Instead of giving up or turning sour, he loved sharing with us all of his artistic vision, technical skills and dreams.  It was him that ignited my lifelong passion of pursuing meaningful photography.  

What is meaningful to me?  It is the emotions which photographs and images inspire in us, sometimes these memories will inspire the remembered feel of a loving caress, a good laugh or the smell of a house.  It is the feelings we get as we look at the beloved faces of our family, friends and ancestors.  It is creating images that will give your future grandkids a real look and feeling for who you are.  Almost everyone wishes they had more photographs of their parents and especially ones of themselves with their parents.  This is who I am as a photographer which is also an integral part of who I am as a person as well.  Our history shapes our future, and our now becomes part of our history.

Now that you know a bit about me, I’d love to get to know you.  Please take a look around my website to see if our styles match and contact me with questions and schedule a session.

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