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Another new addition to the world only 6 days old

What a sweet baby. She looks like her daddy.

This one is a catch of her stretching.
Jensen Nov 08 1046

pure happiness after going potty!
Jensen Nov 08 1045

Jensen Nov 08 1042

this is right before she went potty
Jensen Nov 08 1034

She was not liking this pose. But I love it. She looks like she is yelling/singing!
Jensen Nov 08 1031

Jensen Nov 08 1029

I love this one too
Jensen Nov 08 1027

All babies should have their ‘parts’ photographed
Jensen Nov 08 1025

Her mommy loves the hair still on her showing off her newness. This shot highlights it nicely.
Jensen Nov 08 1021

So little
Jensen Nov 08 1014

A nice direct look and showing off her stretches.
Jensen Nov 08 1001

I love it when you share!