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Confession time….

Last year was a bit of a tough one for me.  Lots and lots of work work work on two new ventures that are sitting a bit dormant at the moment waiting for the right revival time.  With this in mind, I wanted to do a project that would be a big fun reset.  I am doing the 12 month project with some friends, but I wanted to add something that would have more instantaneous accomplishment results.

One day in late November while in search of something photographic to do I came across two series of images on Flickr.  Flickr is a fun resource for photographers to share and be inspired.  One series was a group of people who all were photographed while shaking their faces by Brandon Foges which resulted in the most hilarious images {check em out here}.   These images had me chuckling and the editing on them really added to the character and feel of the images.  The other series of images that really peaked my interest were the outtakes by photographer Ronald Koster for a searies of images he created called Facing Time {check the outtakes}.  These really got me!  I loved the expressions, coveted that backdrop{!} and got me interested to look at more of his work.

From there I came up with my own project to do.  So here it is….

30 days

30 models

my studio

different backgrounds

different lighting

different editing techniques

different expressions/attitudes/feelings/etc

My project 30 came to an end today.  It has been such an interesting adventure and a huge time commitment.   Being a social girl, most sessions either began or ended with a nice long visit with the model.  The only days long chats didn’t happen were with a couple of men who came and a when my schedule was tight.  All of those chats were great!  Being social allows for so much connection and meaning in life.   🙂   For this reason, I was sorry to see this project end.




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