Dad’s tie

I’ve been trying to talk this little OCD child of mine into doing a photo shoot with his dads tie.

In his underwear.

For a long time.


He wasn’t having it.  You are totally supposed to wear some kind of clothes.

All The Time.  🙂

Hey, he’s almost 3 1/2 and is figuring it all out.

So last night I got him to start posing for me with his brand new backpack. The one he told {i.e. demanded} grandma she was buying him.  But that is another story…  He loves it and walks around the house with it each evening.


When he got really comfortable playing around in front of the camera, we went with the shirt.


And got amazing shots of him getting it off.  So funny and cute!


This is one of my personal favorite pictures.


The whole reason behind this little mini session in my studio, was because his big brother did an underwear with dads tie session at age 3.  I thought it would be super cute for both of them to get the same experience.


He loved it once he got into it.  Here we got down to his pants, which I think looks just as good.  The funny thing about this image to me is how incredibly long the tie looks.  Our little Landon man is the size of a tall 5 year old yet this tie goes past his knees.  Dad is six foot five so this tie is set to come just to the top of his pants.  When this kid gets to his full height, this tie will probably be too short for him!  {predictions put him between 6’6″ to 6’9″}


Another favorite image of mine.  Love this slightly sassy look.


We did finally get down to his undies, but the tie was so Done by then.  We just played around some more he even got into the feeling of a grown up, he even asked me if he could get some credits to bet with just like his dad.


And laughed.

And laughed.


I love celebrating family and each kid.  There is something so special about capturing special moments and their personality in images.  Our house has so many fun and funny pictures on the walls hung in groupings of prints, gallery wrapped canvases and on storyboards.

I’d love to capture your family too!

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