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Day 50 of 365 project

Wow, it is already day 50 of my project!  I feel so accomplished already.  It has been so much fun making sure I take at least one image a day.  This past week I’ve been sick or I would have started my goal to include one self portrait a week just to practice those.  It is not something easy for me to do for several reasons.  Focus seems to be my biggest concern since I like a shallow depth of field to most of my images with the main focus on the subjects eyes.  There isn’t an easy way to do that in a self portrait.  It should be a bit easier when my new wide angle lens arrives next week!   The sale of the 17-55mm DX lens not made for my new camera finally went through after 3 weeks of back and forth emails and an e-check which took forever to clear.  Those funds were put to good use today when I ordered a new Nikon 20mm lens with a UV filter and a spiffy new camera strap.

With the next four images posting my project online is all caught up!  Woooo Hoooo!  Now it is time to stay on top of it with a goal to post a few times a week.  Also, now that these posts are caught up I’ll be sharing my portrait work again.

1st 365 047-365

Coral and shells have always fascinated me in a home.  For a long time I felt most of the pieces we had were too small to display individually or in a collection.  With the addition of this nice piece of coral from a recent trip to the beach the displays are looking much better.   It’s so amazing to incorporate pieces that mean something and bring back memories into our home decorations.  Guy and I do like a more minimalistic approach to decorating in general, but our home is pretty small so it still feels cluttered most of the time.

1st 365 048-365

Miss Maddie is quite the girl who loves to wear dresses and knows when she is putting on something special.  She loves to wear these boots.  We had a good time watching her walk around the grocery store pretty much the whole time so she could experience the look and feel of those boots on her feet.

1st 365 049-365

These two prefer a bath with bubbles over a boring old shower any day.  Mom and dad aren’t the biggest fans since we are constantly telling them to stop splashing water out or throwing one of the ball pit balls that somehow made their way into the tub at the other.   Ah, the sacrifices we make in order for our kids to have a great time in their daily life.  A shower sure is quicker and less messy.

1st 365 050-365

Another item added to my list today of things to improve in our home this year is replacing this pitiful mailbox.  With all that rust I don’t think it’s possible to repaint it!  I noticed it when I thought of taking an image for this project of my Netflix return in the mailbox ready to go out into the world before another lovely takes its place.  Netflix wasn’t something I wanted, but it is definitely something I’ve come to enjoy especially with wanting to watch Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning.  A new Grey’s DVD arrives every couple weeks between other selections which keeps me occupied when I work.  The kids call it the Doctor shows.

I love it when you share!