Exploris Q and A

Exploris School pictures Q&A

1. Do I have to order online or may I send in my order?
You can place an order online or by turning in an order form with payment to Mae or Mary Margaret.

2. When are orders due by?
Orders and payment are due by April 27th.

3. Can my order be shipped?
Yes, orders may be shipped if you do not want them delivered to the school. All orders placed that select “Studio Pick Up” will be delivered to the school. If an order is shipped, there is a charge of $12.50 per order.

4. Why is the entire 6th grade in one gallery?
Groups were photographed in sets of 10. I believe a couple sets of students came out after the main group leaving a wide range of the alphabet in a group. For example, one group of 10 kids included E-Y.

5. May I order a size other then 5×7 for the class pictures?
Yes, you may order any of the offered sizes. Images smaller then 5×7 is not advised as the people will look very tiny.

6. Issues with hair?
If your child has a few stray hairs, a separate chunk across the cheek or a tuft sticking up in the back, I can likely fix it. Please call, email or text with the image numbers in question to see if this is something that can be edited. We had a lot of wind for the elementary day and a some on middle school day. Very wild and windblown or messy hair will not be able to be fixed and will require a retake.

6. I would like my child’s pictures retaken. Who do I tell and when will retakes be?
The retake date will be announced soon. Notify Mae, Mary Margaret or Shannon {photographer Shannon} you would like the pictures retaken.

7. Why does it says studio pick up or shipping at checkout? Won’t my pictures be delivered to the school?
Yes, your print orders will be delivered to the school when studio pick up is chosen. Sorry, this is an online shopping cart limitation.


1. Where do I see what the image number is to put on my paper order form?
Image numbers are viewed above the image when looking at the single image view.

2. How do I know how much the sales tax is?
Sales tax is 6.75%. This is figured by taking the total times .0675. Then add the two amounts together for the total. You can also skip a step by taking the sub total and times it by 1.0675 for the exact total due.

3. Who do I make the check payable to?
Lifelong Impressions

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