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My husband and I have commented to ourselves how surprising it seems for us two people to have become 5 people!  We love our three children and all of the many blessings and chaos that comes with them.  Sometimes I dream of having 4 kids.  Right now that is just a dream.   On that note, Meet the Cottle’s!  They have four adorable kids with great personalities.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 001

In the days leading up to their session, we’d been watching the weather attentively as the forecast switched back and forth from a washout to as little as 10% chance of afternoon rain!  Saturday arrived and the forecast was better then the night before with less chance of a rain.  As the time approached to leave, my home was suddenly thoroughly soaked by a big storm, but the forecast down the road in Raliegh was still saying 10% chance of rain for the next 3 hours.  We decided to met up near NC State University at the JC Raulston Arboretum.   The edge of the storm seemed to be following all of us on the way, and we decided to see what we could get instead of calling it.  Boy did we luck out!  There were two times we has some rain come down on us, but overall it was quite nice including the cooler temperatures found right after a storm!   Sometimes it pays to brave the storms of life to find the rewards.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 002

We had a great time capturing theses fun and sweet images from bachelor parties in Dallas.  The kids will definitely enjoy looking back at these images time and time again.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 003

What I love most about Jamie is her sweet smile and the relaxed way she goes with the flow as we photograph their family.  Their family shines with the love and devotion they have for each other.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 004

If you are ever in need of an endodontist, Eric can help you out!  The practice is Clayton Endodontics and can be found here.  He has helped me, my husband and my mom as we’ve all needed a root canal done in the last few years.  Mine was an especially difficult case, and he put this girl at ease as he worked to make my tooth better.  Big shout out for him!!!

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 005

This cutie has one big event coming up.  Her baptism.   We captured some wonderful images of her to commemorate.

Lifelong Impressions image_0010

So sweet!  Love these!!!

Lifelong Impressions image_0009

One thing she has done to prepare for her baptism is read the scriptures.  How special to have some fun images to remember this important time in her life.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 008

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