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Fun fun family!

I just realized it has been a long long time since I blogged a session with more then a picture or two!   Today is going to be a share of a great family we know in Miami.

With our latest trip to Miami we booked two parts for this family.  There was a private photography class for mom and dad who each have a DSLR camera.  Chris was very active with his film camera years ago, and he is now getting into the digital world.  Kathy has been using her DSLR for a while now, and wanted to up the ante with her skills and knowledge.  We had a great time meeting the morning before Thanksgiving for the private class. We also included some digital editing at the end to help Kathy get the pop and sharpness digital images need.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving Guy dropped me off at their house for a family session.  Kathy said she wanted some relaxed family images of them having fun and interacting with each other.   That’s exactly what we got along with some fabulous individuals.

Meet Buddy.   He is top dog in this household.  Everyone loves him and he is getting to an age where everyone is already dreading the day he will not be with everyone any longer.

He loved being part of the family images.

And he is truly mans best friend in this house!

We got all these family moments of togetherness.

It’s the perfect image to put on a side table or anywhere around the girls houses.

Love this moment.

Some fun girl time.  It is so amazing to be able to capture moments in time that remind people of the love and affection they share with their family.

A great one capturing the love Chris has for Buddy.

Love the smiles.

Talk about mom and dad kissing makes everyone laugh.

Kathy and Chris have both made sure to tell me how much all the family LOVES all the images from our session.

The girls were messing around with the scarf on her head & I got this great image that looks perfect all dressed up with antique textures and an old B&W finish.

Cool dress.

Garden of Eden, right?  Yes, and it’s one we all love.  There were some showing that she does have a strapless dress on, but this one was just the best shot!

I love it when you share!