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Get Em While You Can!

Penny and I have been talking together for two years before we were able to make a session work.  She is the mother of six children and when they would get together, it would often be out of state or somebody would be missing.  Finally, she just decided, “there are four kids in town, let’s just do it!”  Hopefully one day we can get everybody together.  I’ve realized if we wait for perfection, we may miss an opportunity for something really great to happen now.  All of us had a great time showcasing the closeness and fun outlook this family has.

Everyone was relaxed and we had such a blast.

This old depot is a great location for it’s worn wood and deck around three sides making it great for images both morning and afternoon.  Of course, we got had a pretty overcast day making pretty much any location usable.

This building was perfect for these guys.  What a great color to show off their vibrant personalities!

We could have shown an entire sessions worth of fun and cool images with these four siblings standing right in this very spot.

We were cracking up just before this shot when Marcus {on the right} takes his gum and puts it behind his ear!  He says, “I learned that trick from “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory”.  These looks here are perfectly representing their personalities. 

These two look so much alike.  Seeing the sisterly love makes me miss my sisters who all live far away.  Sisters really do have a special bond.

A fun shot using some on location flash to add drama.

This is probably my favorite shot in months.  I love the way the colors and setting all combined with a great naturally engaging expression all came together.

As moms we don’t often get an image us us by ourselves.  But here, Maria, is in her moms session to capture her moms kids and ends up with her own shot.  We should all get in some images by ourselves.  Both our parents and our kids would love to see just us.

Talk about at ease in front of the camera.  Place. Focus. Snap.  Done.  Repeat in a new spot.  🙂

Teens are so much fun to photograph.  It is a great time of life and most have a joy in the present.

Would you have guessed this sweet family is also dealing with dad battling cancer?  No, you wouldn’t.  They have such an amazingly positive spirit of hope and love.  I hope his battles are triumphant and they make many happy memories even during this time of trial.

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