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Ginourmous 365 project update

I’ve organized all of my 365 images today.   There were only 3 days of missing images which was waaaayyy less then I thought there would be.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to exagerate my shortcomings, missteps or failings in my mind.

Here are images from the first 20 days with comments.  They may not be the exact same images I chose the first time, but a girl can change her mind.

1st 365 project 001/365

I loved this image of Cora.  It actually didn’t make the cut to be included in the proofs from the families mini session, but I kept coming back to it as one of my favorite shots of the day.  There is just something so sweet in her expression.

1st 365 project 002/365

Newborn photo shoots!  They pretty much all make my heart swoon in delight at the artsy and precious images we photographers are able to capture in those first few days of life.  If it weren’t for the potential ‘up all night’ thing birth photography can mean I’d be all over it.  Maybe when my kids get a little older I’ll want to tackle the logistics of birth photography.

1st 365 project 003/365

My girl just standing there as she models the hat and scarf I made her.  Too bad it is yet again too big as the yarn settles.  I even took out quite a few stitches from the pattern while making it to make it smaller.  It will still be cute in a few years when her head is bigger!

1st 365 project 004/365

Part of the absolutely amazing view we have when we stay in Miami!  We like the area more and more each time we go.

1st 365 project 005/365

The kids HAD to have a birthday party for my mom who met us in Miami.  They {mostly Maddie} talked about it non stop whenever we talked about going.  We got party favors, a cake and some balloons to surprise her with.  They even went the whole time from meeting her at the airport to walking in the door with her without telling my mom about her surprise party.  Pretty impressive for 2 year olds.   The image of them is a Christmas tree ornament for her from us.

1st 365 project 006/365

Blake was in love with the 5 monster trucks my mom brought him though he consented to let Madison play with the pink one.  He is telling me here he doesn’t want to put them down for whatever I wanted him to do instead {probably eat}.

1st 365 project 007/365

We let the kids do the driving on the Disney Magic Kingdom raceway.  Both of them did great until they got distracted.  It was the one ride we went on twice during our visit that day.  My girl was so thrilled to be racing along.

1st 365 project 008/365

While I was letting the kids nap in one spot of shade about 2 feet wide at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Guy created his own shade a few feet away for his own siesta. I’m pretty sure that fake rock was about a 1000 degrees under his back. Whatever works…

1st 365 project 009/365

It would be amazing to live in a climate where I could grow orchids easily.  They are such wonderful flowers.

1st 365 project 010/365

I love to see the way Guy reacts to the kids every day activities.  There is no doubt my man adores his children.  Maybe because we had so much trouble having children we tend to appreciate and cherish the time we get to spend with our kids.  We’d rather take them to dinner and the movies then hire a sitter for us to go alone.  The same for going on trips.  We love to spend time together as a family.  We had years of spending time doing things with just us as a couple.

1st 365 project 011/365

When I booked this session I didn’t realize they spoke mostly Spanish at home.  I definitely would have learned a few pertinant phrases ahead of time to capture their attention as I normally do.  These boys were adorable and definitely ended up responding to me.  I loved both the parents open and direct personalities {my favorite kind of people!}.

1st 365 project 012/365

This image was a great moment caught of the girls playing around when they thought they weren’t going to be in any images.  I love playing with color and textures, but only on certain images that capture my imagination.  This one definitely did.

1st 365 project 013/365

She doesn’t give me this smile all the time so it was a blessing to capture it during one of our drives home {we split it into two days}.

1st 365 project 014/365

My boy messin around with a hat.  He thinks they are really cool.

1st 365 project 015/365

We put up our tree the day after getting home from Florida.  The kids loved helping put on the ornaments and we only had 2 or 3 break during the whole season.  They were delighted with the tree each and every day.

1st 365 project 016/365

Our tickets to Harry Potter.  Blake stood up when the credits started to tell the audience {yes turned and faced the rest of the audience} that it was a great movie, it was time to go and to move it.  And to think, sometimes he plays shy with people.

1st 365 project 017/365

The kids came along on a photo shoot with me and patiently waited off to the side while we took the kids images.  It was a shoot for a friend and the only time we could schedule it ASAP to get her Christmas cards back in time to send out.  I loved Madison’s outfit that day.  Blake’s outfit is makeshift because he peed his pants right as we pulled up to the location.

1st 365 project 018/365

Their first real snow experience.  From this moment on Madison has been in love with the snow and wants to make snowballs anytime we’ve been around snow since.  I think we have a real winter lover in her.

1st 365 project 019/365

I love being able to teach at church.  Last year my kids were all 4 turning 5 and this year we are still going to be together.  Here are the girls coloring about the lesson we learned that day.

1st 365 project 020/365

Madison was having a bad day {hence the lack of pants}, and talking on the phone to her grandma and nanny cheered her right up.

I love it when you share!