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Halloween Rocks!

The special Halloween Mini Session event was so much fun!  All the happy parents with their kids in costume combined with some cool backgrounds with a Halloween feel made it a day to remember.  I’m so excited to offer other special themed mini session events in the future.  My friend, Melissa, is a huge fan of Halloween.  She provided all the decorations used for the fall and scary themed Halloween backdrops.  My favorite was definitely the scary theme.

Our little lady bug cousins.

This little bee is definitely in the right costume.  She was happily buzzing all around.

My favorite image of the day!

My little pirate man, Blake, checking to make sure his awesome costume was on.

His lady pirate sister, Madison, looking gorgeous with her hair decorations.   We had to change her princess dress/costume into a lady pirate so she would be happy since she LOVED his costume.

One of my favorite muses showed up in a sweet costume.  I can’t wait until their December session when she welcomes a baby brother.

My favorite costume of the day!  She has an angelic smile.

This little green bee is cousin to the yellow bee.  I love me a chubby baby with a big grin.

Ahhhhh, the scary background…  Both mom and I love this little mini mouse with her sweet expression in front of the scary background.

The fabulous Melissa who loaned me all the great props.  She is about to welcome a baby boy as well.  There are lots of baby boys being born soon.  Hopefully, we’ll be on the list of parents expecting a boy.  We’d be happy with either, but we think it’s a boy.

Another costume that looks awesome with the scary background.

A full length view of my kids in their costumes.  I love their expressions and how the costumes fit in with the background.  He’s holding up his large puppy like hand {paw} almost like it’s resting on the invisible sward.  She’s a little behind and holding onto his arm looking around for trouble.  Can’t you just imagine it?

For those wondering where my 365 project images are I ended up taking some through the first part of the sickness that has taken over my kids, Guy and I for the last week plus.  I’ve decided to take a two week break from it to make a better plan and let the sickies get outta here!  I’ll post the ones I do have though that were not posted.

I love it when you share!