Incorporating Important Places

This summer marked the end of pregnancy, newborn, 6 month and a 1 year session for one of my favorite families.  Normally, this means I’ll still see them once a year as they schedule a yearly family session.  These guys are moving back to Micronesia which makes me so sad.  I know they will be so glad to back in their home country with lots of family and friends nearby.  🙂  This family knew they would be leaving our beautiful state of North Carolina so they picked the NC State campus, where she has been attending school, as the location for this session.


She is already so excited to show off her album and display prints in her new home!  Of course, they still need to move and buy a new home.  😉  She loved how every image turned out and how her school was incorporated into the images to keep the fond memories alive.


This little man was so excited and they will all look back on his first year and Raleigh, NC knowing they shared so much love and happiness here.


Images like the next two are my very favorites to choose for large prints in the home!  How can you not smile and feel a sense of pure love when you look at an image like this every day?


At one year old, there are so many different moments we can capture.  I love sweet and loving moments like this!


Little man at mama’s school.



These cheeks are so awesome!!


Lucky for me, she just might finish out school next spring instead of this winter.  If they go this route, we just might have time to fit in one more session before they head back home!  🙂  Is it bad for me to secretly hope they stay long enough to get in another session?



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