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Interesting week

I thought I’d share the newest images in my 365 project today.  Around here, I’ve been busy with a private photography class {so fun!}, rearranging everything in the house, my first OB appointment of this pregnancy, booking sessions, enjoying all the rain and spending a lot of time with my family.

Day 4 Inspiration: The rainy day inspired my kids to line up these dolls on the porch steps while playing in the rain.  It was hilarious to see this after they came in and cleaned up the other toys.  Maybe they thought the dolls needed some water.

Day 5 Inspiration: It is still raining.  Oh joy and love!  I loved this line of blocks my kids created on the table and the reflection.  Rainy days always get me reflecting on past awesome rainy days in my life.

Day 6 Inspiration: Teaching.  I love to teach and am still completely happy with the decision to branch out my business a little to offer both mentoring for new photographers and classes for others.  My student this day wanted to learn more about photographing her 3 year old so we used my twins during part of our lesson to give her tips and tricks in working with this age group.  It is amazing to watch the personal revelations my students have as they really get something new!

Day 7 Inspiration: Watching my daughter cuddle up to her daddy while he is watching TV.  She sits there completely relaxing every muscle in her body.  Even when I pull the camera out {normally insert cheesy smile in excitement} she looks at me with partially shuttered eyes.  I love to see this love and trust of family in action.

Day 8 Inspiration: Yep, raining!  Still love it.  This day I noticed all of the gorgeous colors in the soft light of the rainy day everywhere I looked.  Fields of pale yellow wildflowers barely noticeable in the full sun were brightly shining.

Day 9 Inspiration: My spare bed where I rested my poor pregnant body while my twins napped in their room 14 feet away through the open doors.  The windows were open, the temperature perfect and the bed comfy.  Naps are not usually a good thing for me, but this day one was amazing.

Day 10 Inspiration: Getting some computer time after a hectic day to edit the images from the last few days, get them uploaded and blog away before bed while watching a movie with my husband.

I love it when you share!