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It’s Twintastic

Twins are amazing.  There is just something so intriguing to most people about multiple births.  Maybe it is the mystery of how they fit into a woman’s belly at once when it is soooo incredible already that even one baby fits into a woman!  Maybe it is the connection and closeness most twins seem to have.  Add into the multiple factor identical twins, and most peoples minds are just blown away.  As a twin mom, I know the effects of twin attention very well.  For the first two years of our twins lives we got lots of attention from people wherever we went on every outing.

We developed a patient and fun attitude about the attention we received.  There were loads of fun conversations and lots of giggles when folks asked us if our boy and girl twins were identical {impossible since boys and girls have different anatomy so cannot be identical}.   Our twins and our new baby all have identical eye shapes and color making it seem as if they look alike to a casual observer.   When most people look at a another person they notice the eyes first and foremost.  That’s all about my family for now.  Let’s get onto some beautiful identical twin boys.

We love visiting Miami!  Our lovely client just had identical twin boys.  We planned to be there right about when the doctors predicted she would deliver to capture them at the perfect newborn age.  Her sister, Mary, is a good friend of mine and also has identical twins, but hers are girls.  It is very rare to have two sets of identical twins in a family, because identical twinning is not genetic.  Mary came along to assist me in capturing these sweet boys.  I’m so thankful for such a wonderful friend and assistant!

Check out these adorable boys!!  The images are shown with Daniel first then David in a matching pose.

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