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Meet 2011 Clayton High School senior Kaitlyn!

When I received her moms internet inquiry for  session I knew it was going to be a future favorite session of mine.  Why?  She wrote on her inquiry, “My daughter is pretty non-traditional.”  Photographers love to hear this!  We really do, but we also want our clients to really mean it.  As much as I love to do ‘out there’ images it is very important to me to capture the essence of who a person or family are.   And really, a great classic shot will always be amazing!

We found a cool field with some interesting pieces of equipment to use as background.  The tire ‘pillow’ rocks.

The early morning light was so pretty.

I LOVE this car and would love to do a really retro shoot with a family or couple asking this car owner if it can be moved to a cool location for it.  This is the kind of car that can be used for a ton of shoots and never get tired of it.  Kaitlyn loved it to and rocked it out.

Her eyes and the car color were a perfect match!  Are you seeing the cool green hair in these?

Then there was this cool black car!

Our 60’s biker girl shot!

Then we stopped by the cemetery for some more moody shots.

One thing I didn’t find out until after our shoot was that Kaitlyn is a writer.  She is also a font expert {or snob as she calls it}.   This is one of the shots they thought might make a good book jacket shot of the author.  Let me know when you get your book deal, girl!

Kaitlyn loves to go to small indy band concerts with her friends.  In the downtown alley shots she rocked out the concert tee.


Cute and youthful


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