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Little cuties & an announcment!

We now have a new service to offer! Sessions will now be uploaded to my web hosting site where you can order prints from the least expensive professional printing lab I have found. This will make it easier for you to order prints and share your photos with family members who will be able to order their own prints directly from the site. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like a shoot I have already done for you uploaded to my site.

Why is it people move when you just get to know them? I got confused between two families moving from church. This family turned into another one in my head. When they came to look at their photos and pick up their CD today I was reminded they were moving. How sad, but I hope they have a great adventure for the next couple of years. Here is a sampling of photos.

This is my personal favorite individual shot.
Jester Dec 08 108

As is this one.
Jester Dec 08 125

Feet. I really do have a thing for feet.
Jester Dec 08 114

These balloons were so much fun.
Jester Dec 08 118

Nice wide open eyes many newborns just don’t give.
Jester Dec 08 136

So cute. She played peek a boo with me for a few shots with the hat and later the background cloth.
Jester Dec 08 120

Well, this shot just seems to speak volumes.
Jester Dec 08 132

I love this look.
Jester Dec 08 146

My Blake had this much hair on his face when he was two weeks old too. It’s so funny, and cute.
Jester Dec 08 179

Looking after her dolly with the matching dress.
Jester Dec 08 152

A little different perspective then normal. I like it.
Jester Dec 08 181

there’s nothing like a sweet sleeping baby to bring a peace to you. Even just looking at the photograph makes me feel peaceful.
Jester Dec 08 185

Mommy in a familiar pose with baby. They stood like this the whole time we looked at photos today.
Jester Dec 08 194

This lovely shot was taken towards the end of our session! The best entire family ones generally happen at the beginning.
Jester Dec 08 192

Jester Dec 08 190

She just snuck into the shot from behind , and I love the results. Sometimes a curious two year old can lead me into fabulous directions.
Jester Dec 08 148

Another sweet one. There are a couple with both looking at the camera. These were just the ones I like best.
Jester Dec 08 159

Jester Dec 08 157

The light on this one is pretty cool.
Jester Dec 08 130

I love it when you share!