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Love 2012

So far 2012 has been my busiest start of a year ever!  Thank you to all my lovely clients and friends who have hired me to capture your memories in images. It is always a pleasure to create these lasting impressions of your life now for you and future generations to enjoy.

Our three little amigos!  Landon is on the left, Madison with her natural 70’s hair is in the middle and Blake with the broken right arm is on the right.  We threw them all together for a quick shot before starting Landon’s first year session.

Last week all three of our kids celebrated their birthdays!  We like to knock it all out at once.  🙂  The baby hit the lovely 1 year milestone while the twins turned 4.  They feel like big kids now.  All of us are eagerly anticipating our big birthday celebration coming up soon on a Disney cruise!!!  Growing up, my family would pile into 1-3 cars chock full to the brim with adults, kids and gear and make the 5 hour trek across the desert to California for our annual trip to visit family and go to Disneyland.  Those were some amazingly fun times hanging out with all of my extended family.  We always did big group vacations.  Luckily, Guy has a love for travel too so we do as much of it as we can.  We would love to make Disney a yearly event for our little family too!

Every once in a while I feature a local business that I love here on the Lifelong Impressions website.  Soon you will be treated to a look at The Cakerator.  She has put together a post on how to order a specialty cake.  There will be some wonderful eye candy too as we share some images of her creations.  We have a sneak peek at her amazing work with Landon’s first birthday cake!

We didn’t think we’d even get to start Landon’s session…

This cake is soooooo adorable.  Maria asked me what we wanted, and all I could think of was that Landon loves to be outdoors no matter the temperature or weather.  She came up with this super adorable cake.

Landon went right for the green lizard on top.  He thought it tasted ok.

The ants had some wires on them Maria said to take off and they looked perfect marching towards the cake.

He seemed a little unsure of digging in.

He laughed at all four of us encouraging him.

Then he got a few little tastes.

His one and only good big bite!

Love the tongue out.

And he was done.

We headed to the back yard for a little outdoor bath time.  We have a shot I love hanging in our bathroom of the twins in this tub.  One of these will be going up in the bathroom as well.

This face totally cracks us up.  He does the squinty eyed fish lips to make us all giggle.  It works every time.

A little nature curiosity.

Ahhh, happiness.

My little sweetie pie.  Have I mentioned on here how this kid loves to cuddle?  Well, he LOVES to cuddle, and I love to cuddle with him.

He’s grabbing at the tall grass next to the tub.

Landon loves to splash.

And he loves to tease.  Guy was holding up a diffuser to soften the sun, and Landon was making faces back and forth with him.  Good times.

I just love the direct look and the lighting here.  So pretty!

I love it when you share!