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Meet Emily

Emily is interning with me this summer.  There is no doubt we would have gone out eventually this summer to photograph her.  We had a little incentive, however, since there was still a blank space on the family wall for her high school senior portrait to hang.  The photographer her school required she go to did not produce work they were interesting in hanging their walls.  Some time passed and they were about to order a, what I thought, was a great image her dad, camera buff, had captured of her.  She just wasn’t a fan of the shot or any others they had of her.   We set out one day with our cameras, some props, and Blake.

During her fall semester last year she decided to change her major from textiles to photography.  She enrolled for the spring semester at Appalachian State completing her first black and white film photography class along with other general prerequisites.  She has also been learning digital photography and editing on her own.

She ended up interning with me this summer after he dad and I struck up a conversation on photography.  He let me know his daughter was looking to intern this summer.  I gave him my card, and she emailed me.  After looking at her work on Facebook, I thought she would be a great match for Lifelong Impressions photography.  She has a natural eye for composition and light which is an awesome foundation.

This image is my favorite of all from this session.  To me it really represents the Emily we’ve gotten to know.

Everyone in my family has enjoyed getting to know Emily this summer.  My kids get almost as excited to see her pull up into the driveway as they do their daddy.

We are about half way done with working on a client website with all the lovely information and forms available not on password protected pages as they are now.  

I’m very excited to get the client website done and sent out to all my clients!

Emily is a learns new information quickly and adds value with her design sense and techie shortcuts I love to learn.  Anything to get things done more efficiently is a bonus!

By the time we are done this summer I think she’ll be ready to network and build a business of engagement & wedding photography with all the other young adults she’ll be networking with in college.

With each of the sessions I see her work done on her own and with me there are more great captures.  

Like me at her age she is a little shy, but I think she’ll break right out over time especially when holding the camera.  The camera is like a free pass to be so different.  I can’t explain it.  For me when the camera is in my hand there is no such thing as personal space like showing someone how to pose with their spouse essentially snuggling up to them or picking lint and other debris off shirts and pants.  There is no way I’d be doing that without a camera in my hand, nor would there be any reason to come to think of it.  🙂

My son, Blake, is not a boy who likes to get dirty.  In fact, his hands are not allowed to get dirt on them at all and must be cleaned off right away if they get anything on them.  The morning we went out was both hot and humid so he wasn’t digging the field with the dirt and tall weeds. 

Thankfully, I also brought a tricycle for him to play with while Emily was in front of the camera.  He got into posing with Emily very quickly.  After I was done with her she took a crack at photographing Blake since she has been nervous to photograph kids.  Starting with one she has a relationship with was great.  I can’t wait to share some of the images she took of Blake as soon as I have some time to edit personal images.

Love this shot of her!

Followed closely by this one! 

The images towards the end of any session tend to be my favorites.  I love the edit on this one as much as the image itself.

She and her parents also agreed on a senior image to hang on the wall {a little late} from this session.  It was one of the 6 like this horizontal laying down image.  It was well worth laying down in the weeds and old leaves to get her favorites!

I love it when you share!