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Morning fun

We all got up early on Saturday for a pretty, but cold, overcast morning.  My kids go to nursery class with the youngest two kids from this family each Sunday.  This week they excitedly told us on the way home from church about how they played with the kids calling them each by name.

I spotted a couple of cool commercial buildings not currently in use a while back.  One of them is a sweet pale yellow and the other has a fabulous blue door.  There are random bits of equipment about and a horse farm with a well kept black wood fence to one side.   Most families aren’t up for the super early meeting time this location calls for so I was very excited when Maren checked out my ‘Blue door’ location giving her stamp of approval.

Ivy is so sweet.  She is always the nicest kid when others are around to play.

Mommy and her girl by the great black fence.

The official crazy man in the family.  He has more energy then 3 boys combined.  I love this smile.

One of my all time favorite sibling shots.  When I took it I saw that hand in front of his face and thought it was going to be a trash can image for sure.  This is another reason to NEVER delete images in camera.  Her hand placement doesn’t interfere with his eyes or mouth letting the full emotion of the moment for both of them shine.  They are both so perfectly happy.

The older boys being the cool dudes on this awesome colored door.

I love the beautiful relaxed look here showing how wonderfully loving he is.

The kids all ran back to the car for some warmth while I got a few great images of mom and dad.

Yes, these guys are loving happy people which is exactly what I wanted to capture.

We finished up in the warmth of their home and captured some great moments of family togetherness and happiness.

I still have 2 spots left in Raleigh for anyone who wants their prints and products back by Christmas.  There is also 1-2 spots left in Miami the week of Thanksgiving.  These appointments must be booked this week.



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