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My 365 project

I’ve been taking images for my 365 project again.  It’s such an amazing thing.  I’m thinking, though, that I might move posting those images over to my personal blog.  Or maybe I’ll post them on both since they don’t have the same readers.  Any thoughts?

On December 1st we went to see Harry Potter!  The kids had no problem sitting through it with only one trip to the potty in 2 1/2 hours.  If you haven’t known me long, it’s important to note we have a Harry Potter connection.  Just after becoming engaged we saw a preview for the movie which was to come out on our wedding day.  We joked for so long about seeing the movie on our wedding we decided to make it a reality.  We had a private immediate family {not all could attend} ceremony, went out to dinner as a group and then attended the movie before heading to our hotel.  The next day we had a reception at my moms house then headed off for a week at Disneyland and Vegas before having a second reception in Utah with the rest of Guy’s family.  We think it’s quite funny and ironic that of all the shows and movies we watch the kids have a special connection to Harry Potter as well.  As the credits started at the end of the movie Blake got up and announced loudly, “It’s over people, time to go, it was a Great movie.”

Our Christmas tree is filled with some very old family ornaments and a few pretty ornaments to make the tree come together.  Each year it is wonderful to hang all of these memories both old and new.  The finished tree was waiting for us when we arrived home from our trip to Miami.  All of us have enjoyed the lit tree each evening since returning home.

Blake is so affectionate.  The only time we could schedule a friend trade session for her to get her Christmas cards back in time for sending out was a day and time Guy wasn’t available to watch the kids.  My kids tagged along.  The kids all had a great time playing when we were between shots and when we finished.  Blake was sitting with Adam and spontaneously got up to kiss him on the cheek.  He reminds us all the time to be more affectionate and appreciate each other.

We had a great early first snow on Saturday.  The day was filled with family, a great 2011 Senior session, good naps, a bounce house birthday party, their first trip to a real toy store and going out to dinner.  On our way out of the party the kids explored the snow, retaining a death grip on their gift bags, and Guy showed them how fun throwing snow balls is.  Blake’s pants show the snowball that hit him and Maddie is being hit by a snowball in this image.  I love their faces.

I love it when you share!