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My boys in fog

The greatest part of being a photographer is being able to capture my family and life in images.  When beautiful spots appear with the perfect weather we can take full advantage.  The other morning there was some beautiful fog.  We got out of the house too late to get the images I’ve been waiting to get of this property with a cool barn and a cool pair of trees in the middle of a field.  BUT, this tree lined drive was perfect and accessible to use.  We made a little pit stop on the way to school to grab a few images.  Madison was feeling ill which we found out the next day was a bad urinary infection {my poor girl} so she was definitely not up for being in more then a couple images.  The boys cooperated nicely!

I’ve been waiting very impatiently for Landon to get big enough so that we can take a lot of fun images of the boys playing and interacting together.  This way we can do a really fun wall collage in the boys room featuring mostly the boys.

The boys even had matching hairdos.  One really cute thing they do is hold hands in the car while we’re on long drives.  It is so adorable.

Landon now walks way more then he crawls.  Since he is a 30 pound 10 month old that is amazing!

Landon’s face lights up whenever he see’s his big brother.  They love to play, wrestle {oh my} and do things together.  It is so fun to watch and one of the best parts of having more then one kid.

I love it when you share!