My friend. My client. | Garner NC family photographer | White Deer Park

We met at the park across the street 7 years ago for her maternity pictures, I remember she gave me one of the best products, I forgot the skin care brand, there were probably from I don’t know, but they were excellent.  My boy/girl twins were almost two and hers were going to be born.  We bonded right away over our boy/girl twins and our shared personality trait of being a strait talker.  Yep, sometimes it gets us both in trouble.  Mostly, people learn to love it as they always know we are being honest and sincere all the time.  Due to crazy schedules and the acquisition of Melissa’s beach property we haven’t been able to hang out nearly enough, and our kids not at all past a few birthday parties.  So for this session, we planned to have my kids dropped off at the end so we could play and play.  All of them bonded right away and we’ll definitely be making time to let these awesome relationships develop.  Awesome for us too since we love to chat together about anything and everything, thanks to her I was able to find the best Natural stone mosaics for my house because of her husband’s recommendation.  Can’t wait to see where we’re at in another 7 years with our awesome teens.

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