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My husband and I have commented to ourselves how surprising it seems for us two people to have become 5 people!  We love our three children and all of the many blessings and chaos that comes with them.  Sometimes I dream of having 4 kids.  Right now that is just a dream.   On that note, Meet the Cottle’s!  They have four adorable kids with great personalities.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 001

In the days leading up to their session, we’d been watching the weather attentively as the forecast switched back and forth from a washout to as little as 10% chance of afternoon rain!  Saturday arrived and the forecast was better then the night before with less chance of a rain.  As the time approached to leave, my home was suddenly thoroughly soaked by a big storm, but the forecast down the road in Raliegh was still saying 10% chance of rain for the next 3 hours.  We decided to met up near NC State University at the JC Raulston Arboretum.   The edge of the storm seemed to be following all of us on the way, and we decided to see what we could get instead of calling it.  Boy did we luck out!  There were two times we has some rain come down on us, but overall it was quite nice including the cooler temperatures found right after a storm!   Sometimes it pays to brave the storms of life to find the rewards.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 002

We had a great time capturing theses fun and sweet images.  The kids will definitely enjoy looking back at these images time and time again.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 003

What I love most about Jamie is her sweet smile and the relaxed way she goes with the flow as we photograph their family.  Their family shines with the love and devotion they have for each other.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 004

If you are ever in need of an endodontist, Eric can help you out!  The practice is Clayton Endodontics and can be found here.  He has helped me, my husband and my mom as we’ve all needed a root canal done in the last few years.  Mine was an especially difficult case, and he put this girl at ease as he worked to make my tooth better.  Big shout out for him!!!

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 005

This cutie has one big event coming up.  Her baptism.   We captured some wonderful images of her to commemorate.

Lifelong Impressions image_0010

So sweet!  Love these!!!

Lifelong Impressions image_0009

One thing she has done to prepare for her baptism is read the scriptures.  How special to have some fun images to remember this important time in her life.

Lifelong Impressions Cottle 008

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I love Lifestyle Photography!!!

This family has me super excited.  Why?  Well, let me tell you how interesting life has gotten.  These two sweet and absolutely adorable twins were born in June 2014.  They are going to be joined by another set of boy/girl twins in June 2015 {due date}.  Irish quadruplets anyone?  Your first reaction is either WOAH or ‘Did they plan that?’   Let me just say, no they didn’t plan it, and this is an amazing family that will thrive with their four sweet kids all grouped together so closely.  Both parents have wonderfully positive attitudes combined with a great work ethic.  For me, it is going to be a fun and exciting newborn session.  Can’t wait!!


For the twins 6 month session we used their home as a backdrop with a relaxed lifestyle feel.


These guys were fast on the master bed.  Snap.  Catch.  Snap. Catch.  lol   Crawlers are so fun and I definitely get my exercise in with busy kid sessions.  Both his mom and I adore the shot with his serious face and finger pointing on his chest.


This images seems like just a peek into the fun and close times these two will have in life.  My own twins often are holding hands or touching each other in some way when they sit or stand together.  It is so natural for them to share with the person they have been with since conception. 


Below are a few more of the images taken together during this fun in home session.


Ahhhh, this bread bowl was so cool!  It is one of the biggest I’ve seen.  Love the way the different textures and colors make the children seem to come even more alive in these last few images. 


Tip of the Day:   When deciding what images to hang in your own home, think about what makes you happy and will continue to each time you see it.  Which images bring an instant smile to your face?  What really shows off the personality of the person or people in the image?  Few people will spend much time in your home so make the ones up on the walls the ones you enjoy the most!  If that image isn’t everyone smiling at the camera, that is ok.

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Lifelong Impressions newborn twin photography

Oh wow, I love twins!  Well, what mom of twins isn’t a huge fan of twins in general?!!  Us twin moms know all the amazingness that comes along with having twins.  The best part?  Encouraging new twin moms with comments that empower and comfort them.  It is well known among twin moms that every single month gets better and better the first few years.    My own boy/girl twins will be 7 soon. Click here to see some cord stumping tips.

These sweet twins have the most adorable older brother.  Oh, those cheeks of his!  He is less then 2 years older and doing a great job of welcoming them into the family.


We did a little bit of posed and a bit of lifestyle photography for this session.  It was fun to mix the two styles.  These girls were so smiley!  We captured a few of them including the open eye smile below.  Those open eye smiles are so rare to happen and to capture!!!


Lots of sweet looks and fun!  I absolutely adore moms smile in the family image on the bed.  It really shows her engaging personality.


We got the girls all snuggled together in a basket which is just so sweet.  Love all the hair these little ladies have.  Big brother is so funny!  He loves to call people ‘meatball’ and it is a big deal if he says it to you.  You are so in if you make it into the meatball club.  😉


I’m so thankful this sweet family chose Lifelong Impressions photography for their newborn session.  Looking forward to seeing them grow and come back for future sessions!


Tip of the Day:   Capturing images of your newborn is best done within the first 10 days of life.  I recommend setting up your appointment as soon as you know you want them during your pregnancy.  This will guarantee your spot and you can get all your questions answered and plan your session style well ahead of those lazy last weeks of pregnancy and busy first days with a newborn.

To get more information or schedule your own session, please call or email me, Shannon White {photographer & owner}, at 919-585-6433 or  Looking forward to helping you out soon.

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Deciding what size prints you are ordering can be an ordeal for some people, and it can be super easy for others.  For most, the ease of ordering prints falls somewhere in between.  One reason I encourage all clients to come in for a Design Consultation appointment to place their order, is so we can review cropping on print sizes ordered.  Other reasons include choosing designs for cards, albums and such, seeing product examples in person, helping decide the best way to work a budget, and sharing ideas to help get the most out of displaying images.   It is an extra level of personal service I feel makes clients satisfied  with their entire experience at Lifelong Impressions Photography.

Below is a new sample to show clients how images are cropped when ordered in certain print sizes.  All images are created and shown in a full 2:3 aspect ratio which is a long rectangle.  Did you know that the classic 8×10 is actually pretty close to square?  Not many people realize, when looking at the full image, that much of the long side will be cropped off in printing.  Often it isn’t a big deal, but sometimes important elements like feet are not in the ordered print so we need to adjust the order to another print size or another image ordered in that size.

Check out this fun sample showing both a vertical and horizontal image in the different crop ratios when printed.  The print sizes typically ordered are noted between the vertical and horizontal images.


I’m so excited to have a new visual available for clients to see when they are deciding on their order!

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There is so much joy in three month old babies!  They are generally at the chubbiest they will get during their first year and usually the smiliest for strangers.  I adore the belly laughs that can come with just a silly face, tickle or sound.  Most 3 month olds also stick their tongue out when they smile too.  So funny.


This is the perfect age for a mini session alone or with parents!


Ahhhhh, this gut laugh is the best!


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