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Newborns rock!

Oh, I love newborn photography.  They are easily the most time consuming and difficult session, but the rewards are amazing.  Those precious new humans Heavenly Father has entrusted a family with are sweet reminders of the joy and miracle of life.  They are completely innocent and dependent on us big people for all of their needs.

Being a mom of three now, I have witnessed how incredible and necessary each one of my children are.  All of them individually take my breath away regularly.  Their little quirks make me laugh.  They wake up looking for love and cuddles.  We have a great morning ritual.  The kids will come into our room and climb into bed with me or us if Guy is still home.  We’ll greet each other happily and sing a good morning song to each other.  I miss these mornings on the days when we have to rush to get ready.

With each passing day and year these three children of mine grow and develop as unique individuals becoming more interesting and fun.  With each newborn I get to photograph, there is a glimpse of his or her amazing future as they develop and grow building bonds with their family.

Baby Kaeli has two adorable big sisters excited for her to join the family.

Like Guy and I the family moved into a new home right around her birth.  Crazy times.  While we were doing the session dad and another guy were tearing down & replacing the stair railing.  Once they are done with a few modern refinishes their home will be amazing.

The day was unexpectedly a bit gloomy with just enough light to create a little space for these shots.  Kaeli cooperated nicely doing a great job with being moved and even smiled a little for us.

We pulled dad away from work for a few shots of the three of them.

Such a sweet trusting baby held in dads arms.  Notice the Love is Bald wristband?  Each year he leads an effort to raise money for children’s cancer and shaves the old noggin.  Check out the Love is Bald Facebook page:  I’m sure they would love help!

This is my favorite image from the day.  These two are so stinkin cute together and you can tell they adore each other.  Kaeli is totally missing out on this joke as she happily sleeps.  This is exactly the type of image she will love most when she gets older.  Kids absolutely love seeing images of them with their parents and when those parents are showing genuine emotions of love, laughter or hope.

Mother.  The most important person in Kaeli’s life as a newborn.  She does the lions share of the day to day care during the first few months all while lacking the full rested sleep our bodies crave.  Kaeli is in beautiful hands.

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