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This summer marked the end of pregnancy, newborn, 6 month and a 1 year session for one of my favorite families.  Normally, this means I’ll still see them once a year as they schedule a yearly family session.  These guys are moving back to Micronesia which makes me so sad.  I know they will be so glad to back in their home country with lots of family and friends nearby.  🙂  This family knew they would be leaving our beautiful state of North Carolina so they picked the NC State campus, where she has been attending school, as the location for this session.


She is already so excited to show off her album and display prints in her new home!  Of course, they still need to move and buy a new home.  😉  She loved how every image turned out and how her school was incorporated into the images to keep the fond memories alive.


This little man was so excited and they will all look back on his first year and Raleigh, NC knowing they shared so much love and happiness here.


Images like the next two are my very favorites to choose for large prints in the home!  How can you not smile and feel a sense of pure love when you look at an image like this every day?


At one year old, there are so many different moments we can capture.  I love sweet and loving moments like this!


Little man at mama’s school.



These cheeks are so awesome!!


Lucky for me, she just might finish out school next spring instead of this winter.  If they go this route, we just might have time to fit in one more session before they head back home!  🙂  Is it bad for me to secretly hope they stay long enough to get in another session?

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First I just wanted to mention Lifelong Impressions will be closed for a winter break.  We will reopen on March 4th.

Now, back to the fun stuff.  We recently moved into a new studio space at Christmas time.  It has been so much fun setting everything up including some new backgrounds!  One of my favorites is a shimmery gold one.  It isn’t the type that is used all the time in sessions so I came up with a fun way to use it all the time.  Photo Booth!  There are lots of fun props and signs at the studio for clients to pick from.  We can do it at the end or beginning of sessions.

Here is one from last night!  I can’t wait to get to know these guys better.  It felt like meeting up with old friend as we visited last night.


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We are planning a super cute library session next month for one of my First Year Package families.   Think of adorable glasses, stacks of books, interesting backgrounds and green overalls.  Can’t wait!  Aira asked me to share some images of mid first year babies so I thought it would be fun to share them here on the website for everyone to enjoy.

So here are some random session images, most of which have not been shared before.

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Valentines mini sessions are here!  Let’s capture your cuties for all to enjoy.  The session will be FUN FUN FUN!!

We have two backgrounds available to pick from as well as some cute props.  Sessions last approximately 15 minutes.  You will see 10 proofed images to choose from.

Your choice of packages for $200!


50 double sided personalized Handout cards

4 Digital images


50 double sided personalized Handout cards

7 Gift prints {8×10 and smaller)


50 double sided personalized Handout cards

20×20 storyboard print

Looking forward to it!!

Sessions can be booked by filling out the form below, phone or email.

Sessions are available Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm January 16th to the 30th, 2014.


The package fee is due at the time of booking.

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Hello Lifelong Impressions photography fans!!!  Welcome to the website!

Summer of 2013 has been amazing, and I’d love to give a big THANK YOU to all of my clients.  You are probably looking to see some of their fantastic images.  😉  Boy is it hard narrowing the sessions down to 1-2 images.

Feel free to pin images you love to Pinterest.  Seeing images on there in peoples pin boards is such a treat!

Without further ado, here they are.

After adding images from some of the sessions, I realized there are too many sessions for one update.  More coming soon…

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Check out the great new tool the Garner police department has!

Last week the Garner Police department needed some images of their new Dodge Charger patrol car.  I was lucky enough to be able to capture some images for them on a beautiful morning.  We also were able to use the new memorial as a backdrop for one of the images.   If you haven’t had a chance to get to Lake Benson park or White Deer park in Garner, they are both worth the visit.   A great opportunity for you to check it out is the annual 4th of July celebration is on July 3rd.

This car is really cool.  Maybe in another life I could have been a race car driver.  Vroom Vroom…

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Just over a year ago I met Kristy.  She is a nurse anesthetist who was referred to me by a good friend she worked with.  We totally hit it off as she came to my house for a photography class.  The class lasted several weeks and she really took the information she learned and applied it.  It has been so much fun watching her images get better and better over the last year as she practices everything she learned.  We also did a Lightroom editing class to help round out her skills.  These classes were just in time for an amazing event in their lives.  Kristy got pregnant with identical twin girls this year!

These sweet girls came into the studio a few weeks ago.  Mom and dad got to relax on the recliner and couch while my wonderful assistant {twins need an assistant!} and I captured loads of lovely images.

Kristy has become a friend over the last year.  I’m so thankful for her in my life and look forward to the future.

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My Project 30 was fantastic!  I had a blast doing it and my models did too.  Here I’ll share my last 10 days of the project.

I’ve also created a gallery just for the 30 images in my website Portfolio.  Here is a link: My 30 Day Project


Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

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Twins are amazing.  There is just something so intriguing to most people about multiple births.  Maybe it is the mystery of how they fit into a woman’s belly at once when it is soooo incredible already that even one baby fits into a woman!  Maybe it is the connection and closeness most twins seem to have.  Add into the multiple factor identical twins, and most peoples minds are just blown away.  As a twin mom, I know the effects of twin attention very well.  For the first two years of our twins lives we got lots of attention from people wherever we went on every outing.

We developed a patient and fun attitude about the attention we received.  There were loads of fun conversations and lots of giggles when folks asked us if our boy and girl twins were identical {impossible since boys and girls have different anatomy so cannot be identical}.   Our twins and our new baby all have identical eye shapes and color making it seem as if they look alike to a casual observer.   When most people look at a another person they notice the eyes first and foremost.  That’s all about my family for now.  Let’s get onto some beautiful identical twin boys.

We love visiting Miami!  Our lovely client just had identical twin boys.  We planned to be there right about when the doctors predicted she would deliver to capture them at the perfect newborn age.  Her sister, Mary, is a good friend of mine and also has identical twins, but hers are girls.  It is very rare to have two sets of identical twins in a family, because identical twinning is not genetic.  Mary came along to assist me in capturing these sweet boys.  I’m so thankful for such a wonderful friend and assistant!

Check out these adorable boys!!  The images are shown with Daniel first then David in a matching pose.

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Mothers day may seem far away, but right now is a great time to schedule your surprise or mothers day gift sessions!

Last year, dad to these lovely boys contacted me to set up a surprise session for his wife’s birthday.  He had been hearing from her for quite a number of months how she would really like to have me capture images of the boys.

These boys both have eyes to drown in!  

We had so much fun doing things like picking flowers for mom…

Putting on big boy hats…

Playing around in their baseball clothes…

Played with big trucks…

AND dressing as super heros???   lol    OK, so dad snuck in a few shots just for him and asked me to make it look like a comic book.   It was a lot of fun!

I also have the pleasure of having taught these cute guys at church.

Both of them are so sweet And so lively.

They are going to have years of fun and love spending time together as they grow up.  

See what I mean about them having amazing eyes?  Love Love Love

And when they do grow up, they will have these fun and interesting images to help them remember those good times together as kids.  

So have a great day from Thor and Captain America!!!  I would love to capture your kids and family.  Please drop those not so subtile hints, overt asking for an awesome photography gift or just set up an appointment.  Call 919-585-6433 or email

The location used was Clayton’s community part at Guy Road and Amelia Church Road.  

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