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Around here… It’s all about the emotions

Yes, I always make sure to capture those photos which show everyone looking at the camera with real smiles.  Totally!!  Those images are great and timeless.  What you'll notice in the images I share on my website, social media, in blog posts and hang on my own walls is action, emotional connections and loads of personality. It is my job and my mission to help you relax so that your personalities shine, even with a pesky camera pointed at you!  You get images that will make you smile and pull at your heart strings.  The digital images are included with all sessions, and there are are great products you can order to enjoy in albums, wall displays and more.  
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Client Testimonials


Y’all.  I can’t even…

Shannon White at Lifelong Impressions has done it again.  These images capture my babies and this session in our lives perfectly.  The side eye, the shy, almost smile, the finger pointing, the attention to detail, the closeness, the pulling in different directions.

I am smiling.  I am sniffling.


God blessed us with Shannon.  She always captures magic!  Thanks, Shannon White!!


Now the difficult process of deciding which ones to choose for display.  We need to be thinking about where the new big canvas is going to go.

I cannot recommend her enough. 



Shannon, you have definitely gone above and beyond for us to make sure the Francisco and I have the most memorable and beautiful engagement and wedding photos EVER!  We cant thank you enough.  



Anyone can pick-up a camera and call themselves a photographer, but not everyone has the vision and “the eye” for capturing those memorable moments. Shannon has a gift for knowing exactly what you need and what you don’t know you need. 

My site turned out gorgeous because of her eye for details.  She has helped me create a brand for my business that will help me STAND OUT from the rest, by capturing my authentic self in pictures!

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