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Peek into the last three + months

There has been so much going on here the last three months!

With the birth of Landon, we welcomed home the most awesome baby.  He is so good and sooooo low maintenance.  The twins were definitely high maintenance and either one of them would have been considered high maintenance on their own as well.  It is such a treat to have such a happy and content baby.  He smiles all the time, wants to sleep regularly {including almost all night!}, loves to be held, loves to chill on his own and just generally brings us all joy.

A couple weeks after Landon was born I had my tailbone removed since it had been paining me for 8 years.  Being up and about was no problem, even a few days post op, but sitting at my computer was an issue.  Posting new images and articles on the website was one of the things to suffer from the inattention to the computer.  I was still doing sessions and working on clients orders, but not really able to do much more then share a few images on my Facebook page.  Sharing images there is all good, but it is so much more fun and interesting to put in the comments and backstories!

Here are some images from the last three months.   It’s going to be so hard to only pick one image from a session!

We did a pirate and princess theme session with Miles and his sister.  It’s so fun to dress up little kids and celebrate the beginnings of their imaginations by representing their playtime in images.  Just other day our daughter, Madison, stood up on an old hard cover suitcase and announced, “Ladies and gentlemen.  Blake and Maddie will now present a show for you.”  So cute.  Anyway, the images of Miles and Ava will also be used in their 3rd birthday party invitations for their pirate and princess themed party.

There are so many non crying images, but we call this one “Missing Daddy.”  He is currently deployed for a year to Afghanistan and left just 2 months after she was born.  Both mom and baby Ava can’t wait to have him home again.

Ryan is celebrating his arrival to 18 months with joy.  We had a very busy session chasing this little guy around.  His brother Anderson was in a few shots too.

Capturing relationships with extended families is one of my favorite things.  It is so rare that most people take the time to capture these special relationships as adults.

Emily, my summer intern, got to practice shooting my friend, Sandy’s, two girls.  I took the position of second shooter and let her take charge of the session only jumping in occasionally to give advice and suggest poses.  While she had the older of the two girls off on her own, I got this beauty of mom and daughter.

Of all the baby milestones I photograph, the six month {sitting not crawling} age is my favorite to do an urban session.  They aren’t going anywhere so we don’t have to worry about them stepping in glass or eating rusty stuff.  The textures and colors are so awesome in the background and create a stark contrast to a babies beautiful new skin.

Newborns are just so precious.  Little Julian loved the hot humid air and slept contentedly while we moved him around for different poses.

Just before we gave Emily and Drew cakes to smash up, we captured a few poses of them just sitting for us on the grey backdrop.  This is one of my favorite images all year out of all my personal and professional images!  I love their joy an her advancing on me… 

Newborn Hazel is a sweetheart.  I think her voice is also just like her older sisters!   I always enjoy capturing Heather’s family.

Coming in September Adrian and Jennifer will be getting hitched!   We had a lot of fun marrying Adrian’s love of architecture with Jennifer’s more traditional design wishes.  It was so much fun getting to do both urban and green for both the engagement and bridal sessions.  It is so hard waiting to share the bridals!

Here is one of the only images I can share from Jennifer’s bridals.  🙂

Emily has been a huge part of the last few months while she interns with me.  This girl will definitely be going places with her fantastic natural talent and great personality.  My kids love her.  They tell her they love her all the time and also include her in their prayers.

Mom was thinking of putting Miles and Ava into modeling so we did a mini session for a couple images to submit to an agency.  After capturing them both individually we got a few super fun images of them together.

Baby Hazel {still in mom’s tummy} with her big sister & mommy.  I love how sweetly excited Cora was here in anticipation of meeting her baby sister.

We had lots of family visit us after Landon arrived.  Corri is Guy’s sister.  She asked if they could do a session while they were here.  YES!  I love to capture our family members.  It is so much fun to see what they order.  Corri basically bought the store.  🙂  I’m pretty sure she loves getting her items at cost because she is family.

Josh is a very interesting person to talk to to and to have in front of the camera.  He shows a range of emotions and looks.

Keatyn’s 3 month session was at home.  I loved how they remodeled and decorated their home.  It’s no wonder they sold their home quickly when they decided to move back home to Louisiana.   I’ll miss being able to photograph Jade’s adorable girls with their stylish outfits mom picks out.

I love it when you share!