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Photographer friends Rock!

After earning money as a photographer for over 18 years I finally found out what it was like to have photographer friends.  Before the internet {and learning out how to use it properly} there just weren’t many opportunities for social and networking meeting.  There were professional organizations such as the PPA, but the way my business started I never found out about them.  Because of this stagnation it took me many years to progress the way many photographers progress in todays digital world.  I was also a long time stubborn holdout on using a film camera.   In the last two years since finding the digital world of photographers and photography I have met and come to love and respect many fellow photographers.  Today I got to hang out with two of my photographer buddies and their kids.

The three of us were planning on playing around with our kids and my new studio lighting.  Beth had to bug out pretty fast since her son was not playing by his normal playbook and needed a nap at home desperately.  Shallyse and I ended up with only about an hour and three uncooperative 2 year olds needing naps to try and work with.  We were able to get one lighting set up done and fire away at whichever of the three we could cajole in front of the camera for a few minutes.  Shallyse went first and I went second.  I can’t wait to see what she got.  Here are a few I got of her cutie.  My kids were totally done by the time my camera came out so only one of Blake from me.  No worries, I get to shoot them all the time.  Fresh meet is always exciting.

Shallyse brought over her gorgeously large soft box to play with on my lights.  I love it.  The big old catch light in the eyes is well worth the massive box in the little room.

This one is my favorite of her.  I love the constancy of studio lighting which makes editing a whole lot easier.

Something important to say?  Nope, just a countdown to the next jump!  Unlike my Madison, she jumps strait up and strait down instead of a foot forward.  Forward messes with focus big time!

I hear the tongue out when concentrating is a HUGE trait in my husbands family.  Wether it is or not, the result is super cute.

Have a great day!


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