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Deciding what size prints you are ordering can be an ordeal for some people, and it can be super easy for others.  For most, the ease of ordering prints falls somewhere in between.  One reason I encourage all clients to come in for a Design Consultation appointment to place their order, is so we can review cropping on print sizes ordered.  Other reasons include choosing designs for cards, albums and such, seeing product examples in person, helping decide the best way to work a budget, and sharing ideas to help get the most out of displaying images.   It is an extra level of personal service I feel makes clients satisfied  with their entire experience at Lifelong Impressions Photography.

Below is a new sample to show clients how images are cropped when ordered in certain print sizes.  All images are created and shown in a full 2:3 aspect ratio which is a long rectangle.  Did you know that the classic 8×10 is actually pretty close to square?  Not many people realize, when looking at the full image, that much of the long side will be cropped off in printing.  Often it isn’t a big deal, but sometimes important elements like feet are not in the ordered print so we need to adjust the order to another print size or another image ordered in that size.

Check out this fun sample showing both a vertical and horizontal image in the different crop ratios when printed.  The print sizes typically ordered are noted between the vertical and horizontal images.


I’m so excited to have a new visual available for clients to see when they are deciding on their order!

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