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Project 12 – Month 1

This year I was invited to participate in a Project 12 with a few other ladies.  The premise is to do a session of our own families using the theme for each month.  We all post our projects on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Awesome!  My last project was a 365, and while I didn’t share all the images they were taken making a great visual memory of our family for a year.  This group is perfect timing as it will help me to make time to capture my family each month while also working on the photography business and a new venture.

This months theme is Books.

The kids just love books!  When I saw the theme, my very first thought was to hang books from a tree.  Weird, right?  Well, I love it and so did the kids.

They were even little divas and had to be carried to the ‘safety’ of the blanket so as to not get grass on their feet or shoes.  🙂

Madison was the first to get on the blanket.  She adored checking out the hanging books and thought it was really cool.

There were favorite books and books not explored.

Books reminding them of good times and more to come like this cruise ship book.

Tongue twisters

And treasures galore.

This case is from my grandmothers sewing machine, Guys ship from long ago and an elephant from our recent travels.

Books are so exciting to the twins {and Landon too}.

Blake was checking it all out!

The kids favorite read.

Landon ‘reads’ books every day.  He’s amazingly gentle {most of the time…} for a 16 month old baby.

He loves to jabber about what he is reading.

I love his massive feet with the wet grass sticking to them.

They don’t care if it is a simple story or a long one.

Its fun to share.

Love the broken crown.

Ooooo more!!

Fun times for all!

Oh, this face…

And this one…

And this one!

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I love it when you share!