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Project 12 – Month 3 {Baking}

Each month I participate with a group of other photographers capturing images of our own families.  We have a specific theme for each month.

We aren’t bakers.  None of us.  Maybe one day the kids will take an interest in baking.  Just maybe.  So I thought of what we could do to both fit the theme of the Month and fit our family.  First we took pictures with our pumpkins from the school field trip.  We decorated them up and I thought that would be perfect for our family to decorate the pumpkin instead of bake it!  It was a great activity and we all had fun.  But one day I let the kids play in the backyard with the window open and me checking in on them.

They got quiet.  As any parent knows, quiet is exactly when you go check on your kids immediately.  They had gone around the side of the house so I peaked out the window to catch them at whatever mischievous thing they were up to.  To my surprise they were building a fire!  Not with any kind of actual flame or anything.  We have one spot of tree area with 2-3 trees {not sure} growing close together.  There are lots of low branches making the ground area not clearly accessible for an adult.  It’s perfect for kids.  They gathered dried grass clippings, small sticks and big thick broken branches to build their fire.  They had started it with a perfect foundation creating layers with kindling and fuel for a fire.  It was the best built fire I’ve seen.  They continued to perfect their ‘fire’ and waited anxiously for daddy to get home.

Maddie led him with his eyes closed to show off their handy work.  He looked suitably impressed and was even more impressed upon closer inspection.

It even had airy spots where to help feed the fire oxygen!

My girly girl made sure to decorate the fire up with berries, flowers and strategically placed leaves.  

Guy lit one match.

And that one little match started the whole thing ablaze on a breezy evening.

At first they weren’t sure what to think…

But then the smoke ‘got them’.

Bringing out all the giggles!

The flames spread quickly and never needed to be coached or sticks moved.

She thought it was the coolest thing.

Landon didn’t have a lot of opinions being 18 months old, but he got in on the fun whenever someone was excited.

Blake grabbed daddy his iPad so we could get a video of their first fire.  Is it too early to get a Boy Scout badge.  🙂

Landon and I ran around while the others watched the fire.

Then being only 4, the twins also came over to play in the yard.  Landon wants to be Just Like Blake and often mimics his every move including the nuances of his movements and expressions.

The little fire showed no signs of stopping so we watered it down after this last image of it.

I’m so amazed my little bakers cooked up this fire!  We grilled them on how exactly they knew how to build a fire and asked where they had seen one.  Blake said he just thought about how it should be done and did it.  That’s one smart cookie I baked in my belly!

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