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Project 265 big update 2

Yesterday a friend of mine dropped by to bring me a couple backdrops she had and pick up some props to use for a newborn shoot she has coming up.  I love having friends that are photographers.  We get to chat about all things photography without boring the pants off of someone!  🙂   It was fun to show her my new sheepskins that were a gift from my sister in law, but I forgot to show her my cool background hanging system in the dining area.   Stay tuned for images of it.

My voice was almost gone yesterday from this snotty snot fest my head and chest are working on lately, and poor Madison thought I said Daddy was coming over instead of Tammy.  When she ran to the door and saw Tammy through the side window she said it wasn’t Daddy and promptly burst into tears.  This in turn woke up Blake a bit early from his nap.  It was a big of DRAMA for the first few minutes Tammy was here as they both calmed down.  The joy of 2 year olds crazy mood swings.

As promised, here is the rest of the catch up of images from my 365 project.

1st 365 021/365

Blake hanging out while I’m getting the studio setup ready for a client.

1st 365 022/365

We were in the doctors office waiting and waiting so we had lots of time to play, cuddle the anticipation of shots away and generally let the kids go wild in their underwear.  Madison is our cuddler girl, but generally only when she wants a cuddle.  I was happy to get one here for this image.

1st 365 023/365

The kids LOVE to pretend drive the cars after we get out of a movie.  I think we had just seen Tangled {Love} here.   It is pretty funny to watch them.  One of these days they are going to start asking us for money to play them for rea.  Ummmm, they will probably never get a yes from me on that one.

1st 365 024/365

One of the first images with my Nikon D700.  The camera is all it was touted to be, and I can’t wait to learn more of it’s capabilities.  On a side note.  We love these 16 oz water bottles we picked up at WalMart for a $1 each.  I can see how much water the kids are drinking each day at about 32 oz each most days.   The pop tops are also super convenient for throwing them in a bag and traveling.

1st 365 025/365

Madison holding my hand as we watched the Christmas program at our church Christmas party.

1st 365 026/365

Blake taking medicine for his minor cold.  I love capturing every day momentss.

1st 365 027/365

My girl in her prized ‘kini’ underwear.  This kids is just as funny as I am that absolutely nothing be worn higher then the bikini line.  Sometimes her pants are so gangster when she pulls them down to the ‘right’ place just above her hips.  Woe is me if the 80’s high waisted pants ever fully come back in style were the low waisted stuff isn’t available anymore.

1st 365 028/365

Why get up when you can use your go go gadget arms to reach something?   I’m impressed that a few of the toys we’ve gotten them are actually helping them to learn their letters individually by site.

1st 365 029/365

Crying in images is still gorgeous to me.  It happens so why not get it on film?

1st 365 030/365

Ah, I love the affection.  Blake is the king of randomly showing affection to us throughout each day.  We hope it never changes though I’m sure it will.

1st 365 031/365

The ornament was a gift from the lovely ladies I work with at church in the primary program to teach our children.

1st 365 032/365

I got my hair highlighted this day, and the kids got a haircut.   Madison was so happy to be treated to such a special event.  Here hair stays so much nicer throughout the day now.  It will be fabulous when those short ‘bangs’ of hers finally grow out.  The hair there just seems to never grow.

1st 365 033/365

Doesn’t this watermellon look tasty?  It wasn’t.  It was squishy and bad and smelled like a processed piece of candy in a wierd way.  Hopefully the next one will be much better.

1st 365 034/365

These two little beauties complete my collection of new diapers for baby boy White.  With the twins we used cloth at home and disposables on the go.  This time we’ll still use cloth at home and this hybrid diaper for on the go.  It can be used with cloth inserts Or with disposable inserts.  I’m so excited to have a less wastefull option for our out and about journeys.  The inserts do cost more then disposable diapersat about $0.25 each, but the amount and type of waste are much less hazardous for our landfills.  They are also super cute.

1st 365 035/365

As we were doing our last minute packing for the trip to Utah, Blake slaps this hat on his head saying he needs a hat to go see Poppy.   I don’t think he realized yet we weren’t going somewhere warmer…

1st 365 036/365

My adorable boy all buckled into his carseat on the plane sitting next to his daddy while snuggling his bear.   This is the face of a content boy looking towards a new adventure.  He was so funny when we got to our home airport on Sunday.  We were talking about how we would be home soon after we picked our luggage up from the lockup.  He looked at Guy and said, “Can we get back on a plane and go somewhere else?”   Love it!

1st 365 037/365

My sister in law who just welcomed her second daughter in under two years after 14 years of waiting and wanting to have a child.  I’m so thrilled for her.  We loved getting to meet both girls on this trip which just goes to show it had been way to long since the last one!

1st 365 038/365

Every time we visit in the winter we rally all the siblings and their kids to join us on a sledding adventure.  After a bit of effort we finally found a place to go.  Our kids took to sledding with gusto and all of us throughly enjoyed the adventure.  I even went down a few times making sure to not do anything to harm my pregnancy.

1st 365 039/365

The mountain views from just about anywhere in the vally are always impressive.  It’s especially fun when the clouds are busy playing peek a boo all around us.

1st 365 040/365

Marci is always up for a few images to capture her current look.  I’m so grateful to her and Karissa {both nieces} for coming down to babysit the kids in the morning so we could visit the Mount Timpanogus temple there with Guy’s parents.

1st 365 041/365

Sweet baby girl going to the doctor for her two month check up while we were there.  Babies surely do love their mirror time.  I need to get a nice big one for baby boy to look at when he gets here.  Maybe it builds early self esteeme.

1st 365 042/365

My wonderful mother in law {mum} getting some rare cuddle time with on the go Blake while the rest of us adults and Madison were playing Wii.  Notice the remote in his hands.  He had to have one at all times the Wii game was on.

1st 365 043/365

This poor boy in pink here with his grandpa and grammy had just messed his third set of clothes up on our trip home this day.  Throwing up is not a thing I tolerate well at all so thankfully he picked Guy and the floor to chuck up on the two times he did it.  Delta granted us permission to delay our flight {not with our bags which went to lock up in Raleigh} so we could go home with my family to wash up.  Thanks to him we got an extra little 2 day vacation in Atlanta out of our trip to Utah.  The parents were already at the airport since we had planned on them spending time with us during our layover.

1st 365 044/365

Yummy spaghetti in our tummy.

1st 365 045/365

A quick image of my sweet little/big sister.  It’s funny, my older sister is much shorter then me so she always called me her little/big sister.  Now I have the same thing with my baby sister.

1st 365 046/365

With the new year has come a desire to change things up in our house.  We feel like we are going to be in our tiny house for a while longer and really want to make some changes to make it a home we love to live in.  We have been treating it as just a nice place we live and not a home we love.  Here is an accesory in our house I actually don’t mind  keeping though I’d like to get rid of at least 1/2 of the acceosories to be replaced by things that really represent us and our design athstetic.  We’ll go slow though and do some reasearch before making any purchases.

I love it when you share!