Project 365 Days 065-073

What a fun week of image captures.  It has been a lot about capturing interesting items and fun.

1st 365 065-365

This fan has been around me since I was a tiny baby.  My parents got it in Japan when we lived there for a while.  I love it and am sad to say it is deteriorating along with its companion parasol.  The holes are getting way to big and the paper is super crackly and fragile.  Do you think it might preserve it if I dipped it in lacquer?   Maybe keep it in the open position and cut off the handle?  🙂

1st 365 066-365

I saw this Christmas tree in my friends yard.  It has passed its usefulness.  The friend in question and I were spending a couple hours together before she moved across country so it also symbolized the end of this phase of our relationship.  The same day Madison also told me she really missed her Christmas and wanted it to be Christmas time again.  So sweet.

1st 367 065-365

These two are sitting on one foot  pad of our elliptical machine.  They share it all the time  cuddled together making it go back and forth or as they eat a snack.  Sometimes one or the other will put their around their twin to cuddle him/her closer.  The way Maddie is looking at Blake here expresses their love of each other and sitting on the elliptical.

1st 368 065-365 / Project 52 – Theme: Soothing Repetitions

I love cereal and I want it every day.  YUM.  It soothes me to have a bowl of this yummy stuff daily.

1st 365 069-365

A few weeks ago I bought a wide lens to use for weddings and ‘Big’ portrait shots.  Wide isn’t a really something I get into shooting too much so it is now on my camera for a while to get me more into the interesting perspective shooting wide can bring.  This shot is my new shell & coral display in the master bath.  It’s so much better then the giant glass plate with it all thrown together on it.

1st 365 070-365

On the way home from shopping with my new coupon codes then lunch with friends it was my job to keep the kids entertained so they didn’t fall asleep thus ruining their naps.  As you can see, I rock at it!

1st 365 071-365

My self portrait at church during my class.  Only three of my cuties were there to teach, and these are our silly faces.

1st 365 072-365

The tickle monster strikes again.  Every day!

1st 365 073-365

My future decorator?  She is loving looking at these paint idea brochures I picked up.

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