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Project 365 update

Ah, my 365 project.  It is becoming really enjoyable.  I have an enormous list of ideas and prompts to help me with new ideas and shooting concepts.  So far I haven’t looked at it once so my goal for next week is to start utilizing it.

1st 365 055-365
My  baby girl with her first lazy adult undo.  lol   I think it’s adorable.

1st 365 056-365

An old school beauty shot of a photographer friend of mine.   It was a fabulous day of hanging out with fellow portrait photographers.

1st 365 057-365

My silly boy posing for me in a cowboy hat.  It’s so fun to play with composition and mood in images.

1st 365 058-365

I love this image in which I use lighting completely new for me.   There is so much love and softness expressed here.  It’s also such a huge compliment to be chosen as a photographer when they had to drive an hour and a half each way to come see me.  I can’t wait to see them again for the newborn session when baby girl is born!

1st 365 059-365

The very colorful ingredients to our dinner the other night {not for Guy who ate none of these items} which also had chicken, pitas and hummus.  Blake ate his right up!  Love the kid and his willingness to eat new things and palate for good food.

1st 365 060-365

A boy with a doll.  The twins play equally with toys typical to the their sex and the opposite sex.  The funny thing is that they consider girl toys and colors to belong to Madison and boy toys and colors to belong to Blake.

1st 365 061-365

A little peek into Maddie’s world.  She was standing up on the toy chest on her way to get a stuffed animal when she was distracted by the lady bug on the wall.

1st 365 062-365 / MCP Project 52 3 of 52 / Theme shades of grey

Patterns are always interesting to me. The prompt of shades of grey got me thinking of this particular pattern on our porch furniture.

1st 365 063-365

This was a hard day to choose an image from.  There is one of Blake laying on his belly with his chin in his hands giving me this great relaxed direct look as he watched the train go round and round.  Here he was being silly and collapsed on the floor to let the train crash into him.  I caught it just as the train was about to hit.  Both Madison and I were laughing.

1st 365 064-365

We’re getting ready for another trip {to AZ}!  This hat with NYC on it got me thinking of how fun it would be to take the kids up to New York later this year.

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