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Senior Reps

I have two senior reps for Clayton high School and um yeah totally forgot the other high school! Anyway, I’m still looking for the right reps for Garner high and other schools in this area. Please contact me if you or someone you know is interested in being a senior rep! 919-585-6433 or email

Both Alyssa
Senior Rep Card 4 x 6 Alyssa

2 x 3 Rep Card Alyssa

And Courtney were a ton of fun to photograph.
Senior Rep Card 4 x 6 Courtney

2 x 3 Rep Card Courtney

Both of the girls were fun and went for anything I asked them to do. It will be lots of fun to finish editing their photos. These are the only ones I’ve done so far since the shoot was yesterday. I needed to get them some hand out cards and wallets right away since they only have two weeks of school left.

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