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Sister Sister

Hello everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged regularly.  Not having a computer for a while when we were in Phoenix, some home improvements and getting ready for baby definitely took up a lot of my time.  Speaking of baby we have about 7 weeks left until he arrives.  I am booking appointments with the understanding that if labor occurs we will reschedule.  I will only be taking two sessions per week for the next few months with some weeks already booked out or unavailable.  If you are interested in a spring session it would best to book it very soon for any time between now and mid June.

Here are some images of my baby sister who just started college this year.  We got to see her for a few days when Blake unexpectedly got sick on our flight home and we ran out of clothing changes at our layover in Atlanta where she lives.  They took us home for a few days for a lovely visit!

I love her soulful brown eyes.  Brown eyes rock!

We added a couple of small images to our fireplace mantle of Blake and Madison.  We have a large one on another wall with Blake being goofy and Maddie being serious as she hugs him.  These two give a bit of the opposite look for each of them.  I love the old film look to both of them.

I love it when you share!