Snapshot of the last few months

The last few months have been fabulous!  So many great and lovely families have honored me with choosing Lifelong Impressions to capture their moments!

We recently hung some beautiful large canvas prints at Kamm McKenzie OBGYN.  They are an amazing practice we found for Landon’s birth.  Too bad we didn’t get to do his actual birth at the hospital!  🙂  {Check out my personal blog if you want that story}

What’s a post without some shots of my cuties?  These were taken by out dining table which we hardly ever use.  Most of the time we eat Japanese style around our coffee table.  This one is Blake.

Our “little” guy, Landon, otherwise known as the biggest baby ever.

Miss Maddie, of the princess variety, rounds out the last of our three kids, and she is also Blake’s twin sister.

They rarely all appear in an image together, but this tire helped corral out Landon Bug for a shot one morning.  It is so fun to capture them as they really are every day.

My Maddie jumps and screams when these two girls make an appearance.  They are cute and fun and loving as is their mama who is my business partner for a business we’ll be launching in the fall.  It’s for all creative women.  Stay tuned…  We are all so thrilled to have gotten to know them.

Modern head shots are so fun.  They are all about personality and life.  Alexia has gotten nothing but raving compliments and tons of extra attention in her business when she put her new head shot into use.  Remember, “you” are the best marketing tool for your business.  Clients love to do business with a person and not just a business.

Sisters are such a special bond and these three will love to look back on this image capturing a moment in their childhood.

Oh Sheri!  She has the most beautiful perfect skin and a gorgeous athletes bod to show of her wedding dress.  She was so excited when she saw the red backdrop in the studio!  Her main wedding color is red.

One of my favorite families!  We’ve been together since her pregnancy three years ago with her boy/girl twins.  We always have a great time and they are always up for any location that is inspiring me at the moment.  We rocked out an urban theme for this session.

Joanna’s sweet aunt got her senior session.  She is sweet and funny and gorgeous.  Oh, and she can rock out the red retro lipstick too!

What’s a girl without her shoe collection?  Underdressed!  How early is too early to start?  NEVER!

It is so fun capturing adult siblings for family sessions.  They are so comfortable with each other after a lifetime together.  It is fun to see the relationships captured in images.

Beautiful!  This blue door was perfectly placed in our path as we were looking for the elusive laundry mat.  Glad we found it!

Love the personality of this great family!  Can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!

**Safety Alert**  This is a composite shot and our little 3 month old non-sitter here was not left unattended for it!

Love the little wood sprite look.

Big sister was delighted to welcome the new addition.  It was so fun to shoot at their home to capture images with their personal items and surroundings.

Families with big kids are a favorite to pull out the extra lighting.  They now have this as a beautiful big print in their home!  Taylor also interned with me this summer and has been a pleasure to have.

Brothers.  Dirt.  Trucks.  Perfection!

During family sessions I love to grab shots of each kid with each parent.  Kids & adults love to look back at images that show just them with each of their parents.  Photography is so much more about down the road then right now.  My goal is always to create images that tell a story of the relationships families have.

I just love every single detail of this image from her expression, chub roles, colors and textures. Everything!

We will be traveling down to Georgia in the early spring for the wedding of these two which will take place in a popular wedding venue they have family ties to.  It will be special and these guys are awesome.  Oh, and crazy of all crazies…  The dog ate some of their engagement prints.  Wow, that was a first!

I love setting things up and capturing the spontaneous things that happen.  This perfectly represents their family in one image.  Love!

Check out these awesome eyes reflecting the wonderfully bright Arizona sunlit landscape.

From wedding and beyond!  Sometimes I can’t believe how long it has been since my first wedding 21 years ago.  Wow, it has been a great journey and love being a photographer.  These guys got married just before Guy and I did 9 years ago.  We love to capture them whenever we go back to Arizona for a visit.

Brooke is pure adorable.  Her mom and I share a funny story from this session.  It still makes me giggle.  Basically, we were shooting on a hill and she lost her footing running right into my waist.  We both grab each other and try to hold the other one up as we stumble down the hill.  Neither of us got hurt.  🙂

My most recent session and love the moment captured here while little man and I were making friends.

Martin Family Dental’s new staff image.  Commercial stuff is so cool.  Love doing it.

These guys are getting a huge canvas of this image!  Mom and I both adore how her oldest son is holding his hands and feet, and their daughter is super cute along with baby brother nice and calm.  I’m definitely looking forward to their 6 month and 1 year sessions!

Love this moment between parents over their new baby girl.  You can feel the love and joy.

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