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The Happy Maternity

I love new ideas!  Melissa had a fun idea to paint her belly for the shoot.  She ordered the paint and picked up some balloons.  Loved it!

Now, if only the paint hadn’t taken so long we may have had a little better light.  We had one spot and a super short period of time to take these images in.  Both of us were really pleased at how much we got in such a short time.

When a boy is into something so much why not make part of his happiness part of the image happiness.  He loves to slap on this helmet, onto his motor razor and be off!

The toddler way off and running with the men standing around wondering what to do.  Melissa was serenely happy with her adorable painted belly happily announcing baby number 3.

Love how the red and yellow play off each other here!

So cute!  This perfectly represents all of their personalities.

And this was the capture of the best expressions.  Love the surprised look on little Boo.

She only wanted to be off and stomping in her boots.  This got her happily smiling for a few images.

The balloons were so cute with the belly.

My favorite of the day!

My second favorite.  Both of their looks really convey their loving relationship.  These two are soooo much alike.

Loving on the soon to be here baby brother.

I love it when you share!