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Mothers day may seem far away, but right now is a great time to schedule your surprise or mothers day gift sessions!

The dad to these lovely boys contacted me to set up a surprise session for his wife’s birthday.  He had been hearing from her for quite a number of months how she would really like to have me capture images of the boys, and the cute part is that she got good retirement present for him for him the same they of the session.

These boys both have big blue clear eyes you can drown in!  

We had so much fun doing things like picking flowers for mom…

Putting on big boy hats…

Playing around in their baseball clothes…

Played with big trucks…

AND dressing as super heros???   lol    OK, so dad snuck in a few shots just for him and asked me to make it look like a comic book.   It was a lot of fun!

I also have the pleasure of having taught these cute guys at church.
Both of them are so sweet And so lively.

They are going to have years of fun and love spending time together as they grow up.  

And when they do grow up, they will have these fun and interesting images to help them remember those good times together as kids.  
So have a great day from Thor and Captain America!!!

 I would love to capture your kids and family.  Please drop those not so subtile hints, overt asking for an awesome photography gift or just set up an appointment.  

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